How to Identify A Remodel

As you start your next home-buying journey, use these tips from Lissadee to help consider whether the purchase is simply a remodel investment or your long term home as she navigated through her first kitchen remodel.

When you’re house-hunting and you’ve toured more than twenty homes on the market, you become pretty good at identifying what interiors have potential to renovate. When you identify a remodel project, it’s fun to see what can be turned into something beautiful and exciting, and which area’s don’t have that potential. As you start your next home-buying journey, use these tips to help consider whether the purchase is simply an investment or your long term home. 

open kitchen with globe pendant lights and large open island with fish scale backplash

The National Association of Home Builders’ Remodeling note that the top five areas of a home that people consistently remodel include:

  • 81% bathrooms
  • 78% kitchens
  • 49% entire house
  • 37% room additions
  • 30% window/door replacements

Understand a House’s Remodel Potential

One of the first things to look for when you identify a remodel project is overall potential. Keep an eye on the “bones” of the structure, quality and overall shape. For example, this kitchen had a partial wall that closed it off from the dining room. With today’s current open-layout trend, we knew the kitchen would be easy to open up to the dining/living room. A kitchen gut-job and remodel would go a long way to maximize the home’s value.

before photo of kitchen with black granite countertops, dated stools and closed walls
before photo of walls separating the kitchen and the living room

Find the Right Remodel Crew

construction2Style specializes in full-service design, build and styling residential interiors. 

You’ve found a house with good bones, making it ideal candidate to remodel. When you identify a remodel and it’s a winner, the next thing to do is search for a construction crew that is licensed, bonded, and insured. And one that also meets your budget, timeline, and personal style. It’s important to find one that fits your personality and style.

 The remodel crew in our Midwest home was the husband and wife team, construction2Style. We found the company on Instagram, and hit it off immediately, resulting in a life long friendship. What resonated with us about construction2Style is that they specialize in full-service design, build and styling residential interiors. 

Jamie and Morgan Molitor started construction2Style back in 2012. In 2017, they started booking projects 6 months to a year in advance. The DIY design blog kicked off their company which has now become a full service build and design shop for remodels and interiors. For over five years, they updating homes and working on projects which can be seen on their blog.

You can learn more about this crew from others as well. The remodel crew has been featured on The Huffington Post, the cover of Kitchen Bath & Business, Midwest Home Magazine, Msp Magazine, Design and DIY Magazine, WCCO, Twin Cities Live and more.  See more here. Read about their own kitchen remodel here.

Determine the Remodel Priorities

 After identifying the remodeling project and hiring the crew, it’s time to determine what your priorities are. Another item to consider is where the budget should be allocated to. In this project, the cabinetry was in good shape. Rather than purchasing new custom cabinetry, we decided to keep the existing ones. We decided to repaint them and rework the layout. Moving the cabinets created more prep space along the kitchen’s perimeter. A simple crown molding was added to create a more finished look to the space. 

in progress photo of cabinetry being reconstructed and crown molding on top

Refine your Budget

When developing your wish list for the project, you’ll need to  understand how much should be allocated for each category. These areas can include demolition, paint, cabinets, floors, fixtures, appliances, etc. Constructions professionals approach the estimating process differently. It’s important to work with your team to understand how your budget will be applied. Make sure to ask about the budget for the space regarding the service, expertise, and materials. 

photo that shows before and after with remodel checklist as text overlay

Invest in the Remodel

And lastly, you will want to invest in the project for long term success. Think through whether your design decisions will translate to future homebuyers. If you should you decide to sell, or if you’re going to love the house for the long-term. Are you looking at an investment duplex to rent out? Flip a home and sell? Or make this a remodel project to upgrade the home you want to live in? These are all options to explore. It’s fun to network with friends and family members who may be navigating their own home projects and see what their experience has been.

after photo of the remodel project with the sink and white quartz countertops and fishscale tile backsplash
Countertops are Cambria Quartz, Swanbridge and Tile is Mercury Mosaics.

Be sure to select quality materials. Some materials may look pretty, but could fall apart after minimal wear and tear. It’s important to research brands of the materials and items you’ll be using. The internet is your best friend. We recommend researching online, look up online reviews, a company’s history, and warranty details to consider before purchasing.

As you venture into a home remodel project, addressing the points can make a significant difference in the success of the remodel. It will also impact the satisfaction with the results. And, if you’re a new home buyer, let these tips guide your way. 

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