Selecting the Perfect Quartz Stone Surface

A foundational element of a mood board is often the type of stone for projects ranging from kitchens, bathrooms, backsplash, tub surrounds and more. No matter what project you’re working on, quartz stone is always our stone choice for several reasons.

If you’re thinking about embarking on home remodeling project, it’s useful to curate a “mood board” to pull together colors and material samples to ensure that your entire design blends seamlessly. Professional interior designers strategically develop their designs by carefully considering pattern, color, and materials into a complete and cohesive look. They create mood boards at the beginning stages of a project to help them think through all of the design components.

A foundational element of a mood board is often the type of stone for projects ranging from kitchens, bathrooms, backsplashes, tub surrounds, fireplaces, flooring, shower walls and more. No matter what project you’re working on, quartz stone is our choice for many reasons. While many brands offer a quartz stone, Cambria natural quartz is our top recommendation.

Quartz Stone Benefits

Quartz in general is great because it doesn’t ever need to be sealed or polished. It’s incredibly durable– stronger than granite or marble– making it a great choice for families with kids. – Jen Pinkston, Effortless Chic

There are a few great things about Cambria quartz that make this stone rise above the competition.

One of the most important reasons we love Cambria is that its durability is stronger than marble or granite. Because of this, the product doesn’t scratch and kitchen island overhangs can be longer without support.

Design selection is another benefit. There are over 180 colors options to choose from in the Cambria design palette. This company also invests in product technology. This allows the company to provide unique color patterns that no other brand can offer. After someone selects a color, they often look at the product finish. Whether you select a matte or high-gloss finish, both come with a lifetime warranty. Many other brands do not offer the same warranty with their version of a matte product.

In addition to the range of colors and finishes, the depth and clarity of each color are unlike any other quartz product on the market. Other products may appear cloudy and unfinished, and won’t have the richness you may be trying to achieve.

Last, we’d like to highlight that there is no maintenance with this product. The product is nonabsorbent, which means it doesn’t scratch or stain, and it never needs sealing or polishing. These factors alone make us love this surface in the hardest working areas of a space. Only warm soap and water are needed for easy cleanup. The performance of this product will stand the test of time. We see many purchasers select this product as they use their countertop for multiple purposes in everyday life, including dining or work surface. Even a spilled glass of red wine is no concern with Cambria quartz.

If you like quartz, read more about this remodel project featuring Cambria’s Swanbridge design, high-gloss finish and Ridgeline edge profile.

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Quartz Stone Buyer Beware

A small warning to the shopper researching quartz products: Some solid surface companies market their product as “quartz,” but only about two percent of the product may include quartz. This is very misleading to the customer. The industry standard is 90 percent or higher to be a true quartz product with all the benefits discussed above.

If one were to purchase a product with a small percentage of quartz, he or she may notice performance issues such as scratching, staining, absorbing liquids and other product defects. Think of it as though you purchased chocolate chip cookies, but there was only one chocolate chip in each cookie. They may still look pretty on the outside, but end up being highly disappointing.

Favorite Quartz Stone Colors

The following are among our favorite Cambria quartz colors and patterns for a variety of reasons. Cambria has over 180 designs to select from in their palette and we’ve highlighted our top 12 that we find most common in kitchen design today or compatible with trending looks. From soapstone alternatives to the lovely marble look, this product is beautiful and practical.

Design Details

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Ready to pull together materials for your project? See the entire Cambria design palette and order a sample today. Find a dealer near you to see larger samples in person and purchase Cambria.

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