Holiday Decor: Beyond the Christmas Tree

It’s our favorite time of year here at Project Remodel and we’d like to spread Christmas cheer by featuring some of our favorite holiday decor ideas currently making appearances across the internet. We’ll walk through each image and share with you why we are wild about the designs and feel compelled to showcase them on the blog.

How to change it up with new ideas

Each photo depicts a holiday theme unique to the person/people who designed the space. These varying approaches are a testament to how one can Christmas-up a little differently throughout our homes.

Depth, layering, & dimension

If you’ve been following Kate Arends’ stories on Wit and Delight, you probably know she rearranged furniture only a “few” times to find the perfect layout. This inviting room showcases a space that’s matured over time to accommodate changes that take place when growing from a couple to a family. The traditional design features classic holiday details, sumptuous furnishings and well-placed accessories.

Unpretentious simplicity with warm hues

This warm setting is the perfect stage for a comfortable and unfussy Christmas evening. With plenty of room around the tree for gifts as they build up throughout the season, this space will be the ideal hideaway to celebrate with extended family, as well as cozy moments spent with just mom, dad and the kids. The vintage coral rug paired with the caramel leather couch and lush @amazonhome velvet curtains create a simple, yet effortlessly elegant space to cuddle in.

Crisp transitional with classic details

Lea at Creekwoodhill decorated this season with a winter foliage centerpiece and fresh greens on the window bay and touches throughout the space. This dining room/kitchen doesn’t shout “Christmas,” so the decor can last all winter long and not look out of place. We love the mistletoe hung in the arch of cabinetry nook. (Can we just say that the dark charcoal nook interior adds just the right amount of drama to the gorgeous crisp, white space?)

Midwest understatement

If this space looks familiar, it’s because we’ve posted about it a couple of times: and We love this room all year long, but what we really adore right now is the pared-down, hand-constructed greenery at the dining room archway to welcome you to dinner. Against a largely restrained background, Erin has amassed an array of modern and heritage furniture pieces that feel like they have a good story to tell.

Modern rustic chic

Emily, the queen of styling was at it again with her beautiful Thanksgiving setup that effortlessly transitioned into Christmas season. We particularly love how she displayed miniature holiday houses for table decor and brought nature inside through the use of wooden elements. The sheepskin on the bench adds texture and evokes a winter vibe, while greenery around the window frames the view, ready for us to peek at the inevitable snowstorm.

Sleek and contemporary

Jen Pinkston’s home in Austin, TX is a gorgeous new-build with light that edge the overhang with exquisite precision. There’s no mistaking the Christmas tree as the clear focal point as you approach the front entrance. Characterized by clean, simple lines and a flat rooflines, this home requires little ornamentation to make a big statement.

Mid-century modern in 2019

That sightline as you take in the stunning Maura Stoffer’s kitchen and then spot the Christmas tree from afar – wow! The red rug warms up the space and is a lovely accent for this time of year, as it subtly ties in a holiday feeling and relates to the decorated tree across the room. It’s a quiet nod to the season. Although mid-century design is known for its form-follows-function aesthetic, a touch of glam and textures can have a beautiful effect.

Cozy conversational

Check out this simple Christmas decor hack by Patti Wagner — she integrates holiday cheer in a delightful way before her tree eventually makes an entrance. The wreaths add a touch of what’s to come, making this space inviting for the holiday season without bending over backwards to deck it out in full Christmas mode. It’s manageable and easy to maintain. Swing over to Patti’s blog to get tips and learn more about her design ideas.

Eclectic against a clean palette

This space has it all but it doesn’t look overdone. From the Christmas tree to the presents and holiday decor coexisting beautifully with a graphic print, this approach is a great example of how to decorate for the holidays by removing some of your everyday items as not to overwhelm the space. 

Christmas comes only once a year, why not go all out? The green couch is even a win in this room. (That was surely planned … #amiright?) This room is festive and inviting — I’ll see you here with a glass of vino and a roaring fire.

Lake Drive Decor

entryway with vase and flowers, photo, bench holding two pillows
Lake Drive Entryway

This holiday decor win is so simple you may not even realize it. A pillow change-out (“baby it’s cold outside”) inserts a lovely little piece of winter to the tableau. Working on Project Remodel’s current project of remodeling the Lake Drive house means that small details like this one will probably show up in future Christmas settings as the space evolves.

Well, there you have it — a round up of some of our top holiday decor ideas — from updating throw pillows to hanging fresh garland in unexpected places. We hope this post inspired you to try something new this holiday season. Send us an image of your designs! 

Cheers and blessings during this magical time of year.

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