The Interior Design World: An Interview with Jaclyn Peters

Inspired by different places and what truly makes a home luxurious and authentic (the people inside of it), Jaclyn Peters Design brings a sense of natural magic to every space in this interior design world.

Beautiful, intricate design is all about detail and uniqueness. Take it from Jaclyn Peters, an effortless maven in the interior design world and founder of Jaclyn Peters Design. Inspired by different places and what truly makes a home luxurious and authentic (the people inside of it), Jaclyn brings a sense of natural magic to every space.

Whether it’s a room full of natural light, elements pulled from the outdoors or architectural details that make you fall in love with history – Jaclyn believes in all that. Inspired by her travels, she transforms experience into the truest form of design: art. We were so happy to be able to sit down with her and learn more about her process and what offers her inspiration in this interior design world.

Portrait of Jaclyn Peters in interior design world wearing a blush long sleeve sweater.
Photography by Ariana Tennyson.

Meet Jaclyn

Project Remodel: We know you launched your impressive design career after renovating your mid-century/modern home in 2006. Tell us about the moment you decided to be a designer in this interior design world; what determined your true passion for design?

Jaclyn: Thank you! I’ve been obsessed with interior design for as long as I can remember and loved rearranging my bedroom and flipping through shelter magazines even as a young girl. I’m so thankful that I get to do what I love every day, but it definitely didn’t start that way.

I really got to dabble in interiors when my husband and I bought a fixer upper in 2006. Our home was built in 1971 and needed a TON of work. I absolutely loved the process though, and it really kicked off my career. Friends and family started asking if I could help with their projects, which I did on the side as I had a day job working in accounting (so completely opposite from anything creative!!) and then I went out on my own full-time in 2011. 

All of that to say there wasn’t really a moment that I decided I wanted to be a designer. It was more of a slow build from a place of passion and the need to express myself creatively; something that was solely my own apart from my roles of being a mother and a wife.

Portrait of Jaclyn Peters in interior design world arranging a dining room table.
Photography by Ariana Tennyson.

Project Remodel: You are based in Manitoba, Canada. What specifically inspires you about design in your hometown? How do you bring the outside into the indoors?

Jaclyn: The Canadian Prairies really are a lovely place to live. We don’t have mountains or ocean outside our door but we have four distinct seasons that are so lovely to experience while spending time outdoors, and lovely to enjoy the changing landscape from the indoors.

Some Manitoba lifesavers design wise are, lots of large windows to fill our homes with light during the dark winter months, white walls, reflective finishes to bounce the light around the room and always lots and lots of plants.

Portrait of Jaclyn Peters in interior design world looking at fabric samples.
Photography by Ariana Tennyson.


Project Remodel: We’ve been dying to chat about your home. The light-filled rooms. The natural elements. If you HAD to pick, what would be your favorite room and why?

Jaclyn: Thank you so much! We really do love our home and can’t imagine ever living anywhere else. Our house was built by a Naval Officer (Writer’s Note: SUPER cool) and was designed in the shape of a ship.  So our living room has this interesting V-shape at one end (to mimic the bow) with a vaulted ceiling and massive windows that look out over our yard and the most beautiful 50-year-old trees. 

There is a wood burning masonry fireplace that follows the same V-shape and is clad in locally sourced fieldstone, all original to the house. We are slowly updating the furniture in this room right now and it’s solidifying my love as the best room in our home.

Project Remodel: Speaking of home, tell us a few favorite elements that make your space truly home.

Jaclyn: We are actually feeling right now like some of the finishes in our home no longer represent our family and how our lifestyle and tastes have changed since we renovated 13 years ago.  We LOVE the bones and the original details like the large windows, fireplace, stone and floor plan, but it’s time for an update.

I’m excited about the process, but the elements that make our space truly feel like home regardless of whether it’s updated or not are my husband (of 18 years) and our two teenage daughters. Home is when we are all together.


Project Remodel: Where does your home design inspiration come from?

Jaclyn: Pretty much all of my design inspiration stems from our travels. I love searching out the most beautiful hotels and restaurants I can find when we’ve headed to places like Paris, New York, London, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. 

We had trips booked to Italy and Greece this year, but we will see how that goes with the pandemic happening. Morocco is also on the top of my wish list, the colors, handmade tiles and textiles, along with the culture of course are really calling my name.

Project Remodel: What and/or who are some of your design inspirations? 

Jaclyn: I’m obsessed with any designer right now that’s pushing the boundaries. Ashe Leandro, Kelly Wearstler, Nina Freudenberger, Jen Talbot (just to name a few).

Portrait of Jaclyn Peters in interior design world exploring a warehouse.
Photography by Ariana Tennyson

Design and Style

Project Remodel: Tell us about one of your favorite projects! What was your biggest challenge and why?

Jaclyn: Oh I’ve had SO many! Recently though I worked with the most lovely couple to turn a new basic builder home, into their dream home that is FAR from basic. We had quite a few challenges trying to bring in special finishes, designs and materials as most spec builders have very few options, but with a lot of determination and some sleepless nights, we were able to make their dream home a reality. (It’s the home with the blue kitchen if you can believe it!)

Interior image of Jaclyn Peters client's Kitchen Remodel
Photography by Ariana Tennyson.

Project Remodel: If you could describe your “personal touch” or why you stand out among designers, what would that be? How does your personality shine through in your design work?

Jaclyn: Oh that’s so tough to say in a way that’s not “tooting my own horn” but I think at my core, I’m an extremely detailed orientated person with a passion for uniqueness. I never want to present my clients something I’ve done before, or something that they could recreate by looking at Pinterest images.

If my client tells me they can’t find an image of what I’m proposing online, that’s when I know I’ve done my job! I’ve been lucky enough to find clients that trust me and my vision, and ones that I now consider friends.  Doing whatever I can to run their projects as seamless and stress free as possible, while being friendly and approachable are always my number one goals.

Project Remodel: If you had to describe your design style in three words, what would they be?

Jaclyn: Casual. Collected. Luxury.

Image of dining room and capturing Jaclyn Peters design work in this interior design world.

Project Remodel: A fun last question. If you had all the money and resources you needed, what would you design/create?

Jaclyn: Ooh, this one is easy. A chic vacation home apartment in Paris or a mid-century inspired vacation home in Palm Springs.  

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