Modern Tudor Design Home Tour

Meet Katie and Jesse Kath, the visionary experts behind JKath Design Build + Reinvent and the Modern Tudor Design Home featured in the blog today. They offer residential remodeling servicing the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. Jesse, who founded the award-winning company in 2010, focuses on the contracting and craftsmanship while Katie, with prior business experience from running her own wine bar, manages partnerships, interior design, and business operations. 

The entryway sets the tone for the home with a neutral color palette and subtle black accents.
Photography by: Spacecrafting

Their slogan “Live in the Details” is undoubtedly fitting. They lead by example from how they manage their business right down to the craftsmanship and design—with no detail too small to be overlooked. Let’s dive into their latest Modern Tudor design project in Minneapolis, MN.


The kitchen layout creates an openness for the family to be together while still keeping the spaces defined.
Photography by: Spacecrafting

The Kaths spent the year of 2020 focusing on a new, three-story, 4,350-square-foot new build for their family created with quality products. When we toured the finished home, we could feel the sense of cohesiveness in design throughout each room. From the arched walkways, neutral tones balanced by black accents, to the simple but impactful lines. While no surprise, the attention to detail is remarkable. In addition, the craftsmanship and quality stood out in all of the materials and products selected, including custom cabinetry and solid hardwood floors that will last a lifetime. The collection of finely modern black Pella windows also extended the consistency of black accents throughout the home, yet another small but effective detail.


The heart of the home holds a relatable yet luxurious feel while still maintaining full functionality. Photography by Spacecrafting.

Katie usually focuses on client homes, so when it came to planning this dreamy house for her family, she knew exactly what she wanted. It was essential to her that the layout had a flow and continuity from space to space—a goal she accomplished flawlessly. Katie definitely put her spin on the design for an elevated take on simple and traditional elements to create a space that feels personalized.

JKath is known for their effective design and made sure to implement their own rules in their build. One of the most challenging aspects of remodeling a kitchen is “the work triangle” or spatial proximity between the sink, refrigerator, and everything in between. Taking the custom cabinets to the ceiling, centralizing the sink, and allowing plenty of counter space makes for not only a beautiful but highly functional space.


One of our favorite spaces in the home is the breakfast booth just off to the side of the kitchen. The use of pew-like benches is an antique touch contrasted by the modern quartz table and industrial light fixture. Sunshine reaches every corner of this cozy space from the wide Pella windows—which allows a blissful cross breeze to blow through.


Neutral tones paired with black lines and soft wood accents makes for a calming bedroom ambiance. Photography by Spacecrafting.

The primary bedroom is reminiscent of the entryway blending neutral tones and soft wood tones with the bold black accents of the windows, hardware, and four-poster bed frames. Small details bring this space to life with soft textiles of the bedding, curtains, and seating, natural stone of the table lamps, and a stunning coastal watercolor. The room is full of architectural interest with ceiling details and roof lines plus a built-in storage space and shelving. The lines of the design along with the extra high ceiling makes this space light and bright.

The primary bath features an eye-catching statement bath. However, the black tub doesn’t overpower or look out of place within the room as other elements, such as a wicker linen basket and soft marble-alternative tiles soften the ensemble. The bathroom plays with shapes from the elegant arched mirrors and alcove shelves (which echo the arched details on the main floor) to the rectangles of vanity, shower door, and widow. Touches of gold elevate the space for a luxe feel. The paired sink vanity is a bit mid-century modern with no shortage of drawers.


The easy-breezy design of the laundry room not only brings a lightness to the space but also is highly functional with plenty of storage and work surfaces. Photography by Spacecrafting.

Can we just say, laundry no longer feels like a chore in this space. The soft hue of Boothbay Gray by Benjamin Moore on the cabinetry, walls, baseboard and crown molding pair perfectly with the quality quartz counters and make a monochromatic statement. We especially love the tiny details of the natural stone hexagon floor tile from Jeffrey Court Tile. The ingenious hanging space above the sink makes air drying delicate clothes attractive rather than unsightly. There’s tons of open storage for oversized baskets paired with countertop drawers. The front loading washer and dryer allowed for a folding and sorting surface to be installed above the machines. So convenient! Read more about planning for a laundry room makeover.


This quartz bar brings an edgy modern mood to this space. Photography by Spacecrafting.

This bold bar and seating area has everything you need for entertaining small groups and gatherings. It features a wine cooler, quartz counters and backsplash, plus the convenience of a sink eliminates back and forth trips to the kitchen. It’s stormy aura is balanced by the natural tones of the wall and floor. The circular table is perfect for a game night or cocktail hour.


Each additional bedroom is uniquely different from each other, with one featuring a pine wood panel wall and cozy reading nook for a slightly rustic feel, while the other doubles down on crisp whites and classic design. Window placement brings in natural lighting with the tell-tale black sills.

Each secondary bath is simple yet classic. A walk in glass shower is not only accessible but luxurious. The wood vanity is a variation of the one we saw in the primary bathroom, but makes use of black hardware to tie the rest of the dark accents together.  We especially love the detail of the wall tiling around the shower partnered with a delicate wallpaper around the sink. JKath coordinated their grout lines throughout the home to keep things simple and traditional, but they suggest that more playful and modern builds can benefit from different grout line contrast. It’s all about style and preference!


Effortlessly sleek and stylish, the sunroom pairs a bold fireplace inset with cozy textiles, furniture, and decor. Photography by Spacecrafting.

This room warrants an audible gasp. Immediately the eye is drawn to the sleek fireplace. The TV is camouflage above the mantle so it doesn’t draw attention to itself unless it’s in use. The modern furniture, soft textiles, and black line work of this space is reminiscent of classic Scandinavian design. We love the natural elements of the live wood edge coffee table. The floor to ceiling windows allow natural light to set the room aglow. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon curled up with a good book book.


The main dining room is centered around a custom natural wood table. The simple design of table and chairs allows a masterful meal to become the centerpiece of the room. The arched entryways (that we’ve seen throughout the home) create an openness that gives more space to accommodate group gatherings. The large hub-and-spoke chandelier is not only stylish but it also casts the room in warm light after sundown.

This buffet hutch is another unique nod to traditional elements intermixed in the modern design. Photography by Spacecrafting.

The buffet hutch in the hallway just off of the dining room shows off dishware, pottery pieces, or family heirlooms. In fact, this cabinet itself looks like it could be a family heirloom and is one of our favorite classic moments in the house. Despite looking like it time traveled directly from the mid 1900s, the polished wood and touches of gold hardware ensures it doesn’t look out of place amidst the modern design elements.


The Kath’s new home really does effortlessly blend traditional housing elements with modern luxury while still remaining functional for their family of five. The overarching inspiration for the home can be described as a modern Tudor aesthetic focusing on timeless features; contemporary and cohesive details; and personalized touches. The entire home is a compliment from room to room and carries a theme and flow throughout each space. 

As the Kath’s settle into their new dream home, be sure to follow the next big project for JKath Design Build + Reinvent by following them on Instagram. Discover more home remodeling advice and inspiration on their website.