Before and After: construction2style’s Showstopping Kitchen Remodel

Jamie and Morgan of Construction2Style take on their own kitchen remodel. This showstopping before and after kitchen remodel will make your jaw drop. Click to read more about this transformation.

This kitchen remodel was destined to be a showstopper. When you pair a traditional Midwest kitchen with an Instagram-famous remodeling crew – there will be a dramatic transformation.

Meet Jamie and Morgan Molitor, the owners of contruction2Style. Jamie leads the contracting team, while Morgan oversees the design team, marketing, and other company operations. 


Jamie and Morgan purchased their family home in 2017. One of the first things that drew them to the house was a great opportunity for a stunning kitchen remodel.

The kitchen had an open layout with high ceilings, which was already a significant aspect of what was to come. The high ceilings and abundant windows allowed natural light to fill the space. Natural light and a functional layout are two of the foundational factors Jamie and Morgan look for in a space to maximize a remodel project.

The kitchen was the first space Jamie and Morgan wanted to update after moving in. The truth is, when your a remodeling crew and you are working on your personal home, it can often be more challenging to make decisions than on a customer’s project. This was not the case with Jamie and Morgan as they knew what they wanted the space to be. They didn’t waste any time in getting the ball rolling. 

Phase 1: Demolition

First, all of the cabinets had to go, including a small desk area near the kitchen. This space would be repurposed for a built-in, commercial-grade refrigerator. The refrigerator’s new location would allow the stove and custom-designed hood to center on the back wall. By relocating the fridge and updating the back wall, Morgan and Jamie immediately improved the kitchen functionality and flow. These decisions also enhanced the aesthetic of the space to create a design focus. 

Another demolition project included closing off a small doorway to the dining room. This allowed the kitchen to remain open and build in separation to the living room. The original dining room would now be used as a lounge and music area with their family piano.

TIP: It’s important to fully understand the purpose you want for each space. For example, a traditional dining room doesn’t have to be used as a dining room. You can fit the room to suit the needs and demands of your everyday life. See more tips on kitchen remodels here.

After photo of final kitchen remodel for construction2style
Final kitchen remodel captured by Chelsie Lopez Photography

Focal Point: Backsplash

vignette photo of kitchen backsplash, open shelving and quartz countertops

Jamie and Morgan’s kitchen plans started coming to life through a conversation with their friends at Mercury Mosaics, a local handmade tile company. Mercedes, Mercury Mosaic’s owner, founded the company and has expanded their footprint to a manufacturing facility with Tile Elves and a full team of designers. 

As they discussed Jamie and Morgan’s kitchen remodel, it was their goal was to create an environment with a strong focus and emphasis on design details. They wanted to highlight how handmade tiles could be used with pattern in a residence. Their beautifully unique backsplash has become the kitchen focal point and showcases the application detail, creativity, and craftsmanship of artisan tile.

Along the tile statement wall, Morgan and Jamie installed light sconces paired with open shelving for decorative styling. These shelves have the flexibility to change out decor seasonally, add live succulents or a candle to freshen up the mood. The flexibility allows the couple to change things up while keeping the foundation of the tile statement. 

Kitchen Island: Quartz Countertop

final kitchen photo featuring open island with 2 stools and clean space.
Photo credit: construction2Style

As in the original layout, Morgan and Jamie kept all the working features along the kitchen’s perimeter. They kept the center island and expanded it to add bar stools.  Enhancing this original feature added value to the space and created a functional place for their family. Morgan and Jamie knew they would prep family dinners, have kids eat breakfast at the kitchen island, and even use it as a place where their kids would do their future homework. Because they’d be using the island for multiple purposes, Morgan and Jamie knew they needed a hardworking countertop that was easy to care for.

The couple knew that quartz countertops were not up for negotiation. They loved the durability and beauty of quartz. They worked with a Minnesota-based company, Cambria, that manufactures a wide array of stunning quartz surfaces. Along with the aesthetic they loved with quartz, they were drawn to its resilience without any maintenance, staining or scratching. Jamie and Morgan went with a thicker edge on the center island and a thinner edge on the perimeter to create a dramatic and bold feel to the island as the centerpiece of the kitchen.

Adding Drama: Lighting

Why not have a little fun in the space? Jamie and Morgan updated their pendant lights from a small, traditional style to a bold, modern shade pairing. The lights help ground the design of the room and emote harmony with the solid island and thicker countertop. The lights also balance the activity in the backsplash and tie in a mixed metal feel with the shade’s gold interior. 

Other Selections: Cabinetry and Flooring

 In the photos, you see that the original cabinetry had open space to the ceiling. To maximize their capacity, cabinetry was heightened on both sides of the kitchen. This helped augment wall space and increase storage. And the addition of crown molding created a sophisticated finish to the cabinets. 

The flooring was updated from a laminate tile to natural wood. Jamie and Morgan wanted flooring that would be durable, easy to maintain, and looked beautiful. We love that they went with a light wood floor, contrasting with black cabinetry while balancing a variety of color touches in all the right areas. 

Not only is this kitchen beautiful, but it’s also functional, and that’s the best combination you can have. Jamie and Morgan knocked it out of the park with their kitchen remodel. It’s the ideal example of how to transform a dated space into an updated showstopper and dream kitchen that works as beautifully as it looks.

If you’re embarking on your own search for remodeling crews or designers, it’s helpful to see what the professionals do in their own homes and what their personal style is. That revelation can lead you to build a relationship with your remodeling team. By identifying like-minded design sensibilities with one another, your projects become relatable, and this can help drive leads for future business. 

construction2Style has been in business for 5+ years and shows no signs of slowing down. You can follow their blog posts and read more about their work here.

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