Here at Project Remodel, we’re all about creating meaningful spaces.

We believe that the best interior design combines beautiful aesthetics with functionality—representing your personality through small details while curating homes that work for your lifestyle through smart design.

Consider us your guide—sparking inspiration, providing tools and tips, and giving expert advice, so that you can accomplish your goals for your next home remodel project.

We believe in: Good people. Good design. Good products. Good remodels.

We’re focused on quality products and intentional design meant to last a lifetime, not fast-fading trends. Inspired by the many talented creators and craftsmen in the home industry, we pride ourselves on producing thoughtful content driven by industry leaders and balanced by careful research.

Whether you’re planning or designing a home for a variety of budgets, styles, or needs, this is a blog that focuses on creating unique spaces by surrounding ourselves with things we care about—for spaces that have meaning. 

At Project Remodel, we are building a community of motivated homeowners and interior designers. Let us be your source of inspiration and information for your next project. Share your spaces by using the hashtag #ProjectRemodelMyHome

Alyssa Greve, Founder of Project Remodel

Alyssa has always believed that our homes tell a story about who we are and who we aspire to be. Project Remodel began as a way to fuel her creative passion for home design and remodeling while also creating a source to share the great projects and good people within this community.

Alyssa has been immersed in marketing for over 13+ years. Her career has taken her to several notable companies including Target, Red Wing Shoes, Cambria, Sanford Health, and Bobcat Company. Her lifelong love of photography has led her to occasionally freelance for weddings and portraits. Alyssa lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband Tim, daughter Ella, and son Leo.

Ella Cashman, Writer & Editor

Ella is a wordsmith who brings brands and ideas to life through storytelling and content strategy. With a love for interior design herself, she began writing for Project Remodel in 2021. 

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